Desgraciadamente Philip K. Dick ha muerto (Solaris ficción) (Spanish Edition)

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La Raulito, golpes bajos is an unprecedented x-ray of an Argentine trapped between the walls of a neuropsychiatric, where even death seems to make sense. Y yo, que soy muy curioso, me puse a investigar hasta dar con su paradero.

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In a gathering with friends, people started to wonder what happened to La Raulito. Being a very curious person, I started to investigate until I discovered her whereabouts. She had been transferred from the Moyano hospital to the Rawson Hospital. A few days before her 72nd birthday, I was told her epilepsy had gotten worse.

I took my camera and invited myself to her birthday.

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She was happy to see me, glad that someone remembered her, besides the Boca Juniors fans who adore her. I was impressed by the way in which she opened up and shared intimacies I never would have thought she would reveal, by the benevolent being she carries inside, in spite of having led a life full of punches below the belt. In , he directed his first feature film, the documentary : Tango or Death He is currently working on his third film, La difunta.

This film meant for me an unique opportunity to tell one of the most astounding stories of the Twentieth Century, with a level of insight no one has had ever before. Huacho is divided into four parts, one for each of the members of a lower class rural family of Chillan grandmother, grandfather, daughter and grandson. The film portrays their activities during 24 hours: agriculture, production and sale of foodstuffs, services, school life. An observational movie which cares for its characters and a neorealist film which keeps its distance, Huacho is much more than what its extremes suggest.

PDF Desgraciadamente Philip K. Dick ha muerto (Solaris ficción) (Spanish Edition)

He was also a photographer, film critic and music videos director. A few years ago, Colombian cinema entered a period of growth, brought about by the Film Law of A new generation of film directors has increasingly started to explore long postponed regions, subjects and genres. And, first and foremost, with the unique sounds of the coastal culture, a cross of hypnotic drums and a sometimes melancholic, and other times possibly possessed, accordions. After making several awarded short films Alma, in ; Intento, in , he wrote, produced and directed his feature film debut The Wandering Shadows , selected by more than 50 international film festivals, including the 20th Mar del Plata Film Fest.

The Wind Journeys is the first Colombian picture screened at Cannes in the last three decades. Y al final, el principio. This is the story of a journey. A journey toward the beginning, toward the spirit. Toward our soul. Toward the one thing that merged our white, native and black root into something unique.

Unique, like the music that was born. Now it is time to ask what brings us together. Together with them in the discovery of a new world, of new adventures, of a new soul. And at the end: the beginning.


And another journey. Daniel y Ana son hermanos. Pertenecen a una familia mexicana muy acomodada e influyente. Daniel and Ana are brother and sister and belong to a very well-off and influential Mexican family. He is 16 and she is 23, and in spite of the age difference, they have an excellent relationship, almost as if they were best friends.

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  7. Ana is going to get married in four months, and her brother, as well as the rest of the family, is excited about the wedding and getting ready for the event. One Sunday morning, both of them are kidnapped. They simply place a video camera in front of a bed and force the siblings to obey if they want to save their lives. Back home, without agreeing on it, they keep what happened a secret and move on with their lives without telling anybody. Daniel y Ana es su primer largometraje y fue presentado en la Quincena de Realizadores del Festival de Cannes.

    Born in Mexico in We seldom find the right words to express traumatic episodes in our lives; We tend to block negative emotions evoked by these experiences. Evita cruzarse con su familia, se encierra en su cuarto y antes de dormir lee una nota firmada por sus padres donde le anuncian que lo anotaron en un sorteo de TV. Miguel Ward.

    A young man works in a bakery. He wraps up the last bag of bread sticks and walks back home, early in the morning. He avoids running into his family, locks himself up in his room, and before going to sleep, reads a note signed by his parents in which they tell him they have entered him in a TV contest. As in a strange satori, only partly involved with his present, Juan relates to the events in his life as they appear and forgets about them guided by a soft impulse, without too much passion.

    Illuminated and flickering like a dynamo light, the young man advances, moves and pedals through desolate settings, isolated like an island, on the verge of a nuclear explosion. Nonetheless, Hiroshima is not a celebration of this juvenile lack of direction, but a sensitive and visual way of showing the metaphysical rhythm of existence. The only ones who have a voice are the children of a Super 8 video or a babbling baby.

    Adults are silenced; the world of the untranslatable resounds.

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    Control Z Films Requena ap. In and he worked as scriptwriter and director in the TV comedy show Los informantes. Ese personaje se basa libremente en la vida de mi hermano, Juan Stoll. Hiroshima is the story of a lonely man, somewhat distanced from the reality that surrounds him. This character is loosely based on my brother, Juan Stoll. An everyday situation is the starting point of an amazing and surreal event: a man says goodbye to his wife on the platform of a train station and, without her noticing, gets caught in the clock which announces the departing trains.

    He is a graphic designer and works mainly in animations, video installations and TV motion graphics. Amir Admoni R. Two odd yet ordinary persons are the main characters of this idyllic fantasy filmed in Super 8 by Colombian Dairo Cervantes, which approaches the thin line that divides reality from fiction.

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    Ha participado en el desarrollo de cortometrajes, videoclips y en la escritura de guiones. He was born in Cartagena, Colombia, in and has participated in the development of short films, music videos and screenplays.


    Short is his first film. Times goes by and he starts to think that he is the last survivor on Earth. From that moment on, he embarks on a journey of introspection, paranoia and madness which will lead him to the final combat against the ghosts of war. This animated sci-fi short is a reflection about war conflicts which take place in every field of human activity, from the origin of man to the present.

    Born in Colombia. De repente, un estallido, y los roles se invierten radicalmente. Otro estallido y todo vuelve a la normalidad. O al menos eso es lo que creemos. A mentally handicapped man tries to eat his dinner while the woman sitting across him, his wife?

    Suddenly, with a bang, their roles are radically reversed and the victim becomes the abuser, giving place to verbal abuse and a true bloodbath. Another bang, and everything goes back to normal. Or this is what it seems.

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    Filmed in the middle of a forest with a dazzling back and white photography, La chirola uses a simple structure based on a long monologue and the presence of the captivating protagonist, who combines talking to the camera, reconstructing certain situations and sincere confessions about unhealed wounds.

    Una joven pareja disfruta de su almuerzo en una casa de tacos cuando el descubrimiento de un posible crimen atroz da como resultado una serie de especulaciones y confusiones en un lapso muy corto de tiempo. The gags and the climax of the short film prove that the director has a taste for classic jokes, as well as for thriller and horror films like The Texas Chain Saw Massacre. He was born in Mexico City in He has directed several fiction, documentary and experimental short films.

    Marcelino is 11 years old and determined to find out the truth about his lack of interest in football, a sport his mother tries to involve him in at all costs. But first he has to meet his father face to face, and not through the same photograph his mother shows him almost every day. Together with his friend Sergio, they begin the search for his true identity. He studied Filmmaking at the Film Training Centre and has participated in several film projects inside and outside the Centre.

    He works both as director and as assistant director. La tormenta pasa y el viejo sigue su camino, sin notar que ha perdido una jaula.

    A very old man walks across the Mexican desert with a walking stick and four wooden boxes on his back, piled one over the other. Just when the camera shows that the boxes are actually cages, the old man sights a sandstorm right ahead. The storm passes and the old man continues along his way, without noticing that he has lost a cage.

    Desgraciadamente Philip K. Dick ha muerto (Solaris ficción) (Spanish Edition) Desgraciadamente Philip K. Dick ha muerto (Solaris ficción) (Spanish Edition)
    Desgraciadamente Philip K. Dick ha muerto (Solaris ficción) (Spanish Edition) Desgraciadamente Philip K. Dick ha muerto (Solaris ficción) (Spanish Edition)
    Desgraciadamente Philip K. Dick ha muerto (Solaris ficción) (Spanish Edition) Desgraciadamente Philip K. Dick ha muerto (Solaris ficción) (Spanish Edition)
    Desgraciadamente Philip K. Dick ha muerto (Solaris ficción) (Spanish Edition) Desgraciadamente Philip K. Dick ha muerto (Solaris ficción) (Spanish Edition)
    Desgraciadamente Philip K. Dick ha muerto (Solaris ficción) (Spanish Edition) Desgraciadamente Philip K. Dick ha muerto (Solaris ficción) (Spanish Edition)
    Desgraciadamente Philip K. Dick ha muerto (Solaris ficción) (Spanish Edition) Desgraciadamente Philip K. Dick ha muerto (Solaris ficción) (Spanish Edition)

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