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I remember this story from book of strange phenomena I had as a kid. Because she was unconcious, her body was limp and it slowed her descent just enough. This is really odd, because I just found that book in a box the other day… and this story is pretty obscure. Or it could be caused by blood clots that cut circulation off to her legs… I imagine she was probably pretty banged up both internally and externally after a fall like that.

It could have caused blood to clot in her legs, cut circulation off, and temporary paralysis. As the tissues heal, the swelling will reduce and the affected tissues can heal and return to their proper function. If you drop an iron ball and a wooden block off a roof at the same time, they should hit the ground at the same time.

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But if you drop a feather, it will fall far slower because wind resistance overcomes a large portion of the accelleration of gravity, and it will not accellerate past a certain speed, regardless of the height you drop it from. If the majority of her fall was spent in a portion of the plane that had sufficient wind resistance, then her speed would not have risen above a certain speed no matter how far she fell. For everyone else not gifted with such good circumstances, a maximum velocity is reached that is much higher, but there is essentially no difference between falling 50 stories and — once you reach the balance point between gravity and wind resistance you will not accellerate any further you are at your terminal velocity.

Lady Gaga is fine after she and fan fall off stage in Vegas - Los Angeles Times

Ants can be dropped from just about any height and they will land unharmed — because of the wind resistance created by their shape, they have a very low terminal velocity that is below the threshold of that required to damage them. Ustashe not terrorist?

Your argument that they did not exist as a military organization after WWII has no bearing on the issue at all. Being a terrorist only requires performing acts that are intended to cause terror and damage for political or ideological gain. The Tokyo subway gassings were preceeded by that cult Aum Shinri Kyo gassing the apartment building of a judge that ruled against the cult in some legal proceedings.

Military operations are not required to be classified as a terrorist, committing vile acts of violence is sufficient. Sooooo………if I have low blood pressure …. I think not as I would be unconscious from screaming every inch of the way down!!! I do applaud Vesna for surviving this ordeal, however I do question, as I suspect many others do, the actions of a terrorist group…. My recollection was that he was at 30, feet but that could be my incipient-Alzheimers talking.

Who was Amy Robsart?

I believe there was a tailgunner in WWII who fell from a plane hit by anti-aircraft fire and landed in a swampy area. He was found by the Nazis, who assumed he was a spy, but he eventually convinced them that his story of falling from a British plane was true. Ith is total lie,communistic and masonic conspiricy; Name of myne grandfather,and many other people who have newer been there is on the list of Jasenovac victims date of birth,first and second name,fake date of death!!!

I dont expect you to belive my,but you can not belive too anyone and any information you find on the internet or other media holocaust numbers are too ower exaggerate to give a shield to some organisations,althought the most victims of holocaust were totaly innocent civilians specially Jewess. Butt you moust belive my two things;situation around world is noth like situation in USA,and second thing, everything is not black and white as you imagine.

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  3. Malaysia Goodson was found unconscious on the platform inside the Seventh Avenue station?
  4. I think i know a little bit more of you,becouse you have youst read a few biased articles ,and i am living in the place where all those historycal events happened! I dont blame you becouse you dont know enought,butt i hate lies! Thik with your own head brain,dont lett anyone think instead of you! You think that you hawe expirience terroristic act youst becuse two lunatics hawe crushed up in to the feew buildings!?!?


    Say what you want,i tried to discuss with you people,i dont want to offence anyones feelings and i dont want to anyone offence mynes! Dont you think soo!? Are you sure they were right-wing? This is typical Libertarian obfuscation. Read some Mein Kampf and and see what the Nazis felt about lefties — they were the ones who would let the worthless live and dirty the gene pool, so therefore they were the first target of the Nazi regime.

    Social Democrats and Communists were the first to be shipped to concentration camps because of they were the political antithesis of the Nazis. Survival of the fittest and competition extremely brutal at that too is a key tenet in most European Fascist doctrines of the early 20th century, but of course, because of convenience, you guys tend to avoid this part of the story. What you are opposed to is totalitarianism and authority of the state, but it can be used to advance any ideology and school of thought, and therefore is not specific to the right-left spectrum of ideas. There are lefty anarchists, you know.

    And oh yeah, these days survival of the fittest is pushed down to the level of the indidividual instead of the national-racial level it was on during the thirties.

    Should have remembered to mention that, it is an important point, but a mere question of scale and has to do with the motivation for the authoritarian implementation of the ideology. I live in the area in which the plain crashed.. On a lighter note, I saw a video of a parachutist fall from 10, feet, hit the ground and lived. He bounced…about 6 — 8 feet into the air after hitting.

    The rise and fall of Sarah Palin: plucked away from Alaska, she lost her soul

    I always imagined the human body would act like a water melon and split open or just mush up. He broke about everything he had but he lived. I mean, geeze, the gal fell out of the sky, 33, feet. Whether she was teathered to a post or free falling, she had literaly tons of other stuff flying and falling all around her, I think the miracle is that she Made it to the ground in one relatively solid piece!

    It was found that the civilian plane was a direct hit and downed by a Czechoslovakian missile at that time. They had military exercise going for 2 hours and their airspace was restricted to civilian flights for two hours. It shows that Serb, at the time of existence of Yugoslavia were not respecting other ethnic group who worked for JAT, basically all flight crew were Serbs, and if you were of other Republic at that time, every step would be taken to have you removed and Serb placed on that position.

    I flew with other airlines and received far better service even flying with Pan Am I got two meals. If you refused, guess what would happen.. Get your facts straight and read more. Actually, there are two different proposed explanations, neither confirmed. Amazing story of miraculous survival! Later came across the same story again. I never heard of the reason of the fatal crash except of : just a crash: VV was in the tail of the plane, it was reported; that was all. Noone mentioned ustashas and the terrorist bomb. Have you ever thought about this? It is impossible to survive a freefall from And about the Ustashe.

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    Did She Fall? Did She Fall?
    Did She Fall? Did She Fall?
    Did She Fall? Did She Fall?
    Did She Fall? Did She Fall?
    Did She Fall? Did She Fall?
    Did She Fall? Did She Fall?
    Did She Fall? Did She Fall?
    Did She Fall? Did She Fall?
    Did She Fall?

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