Ep.#1 - Aurora: CV-01 (The Frontiers Saga)

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Book Series Review

It is easy to remember I am waiting for book 10, for example.

REVIEW: The Frontier’s Saga (Episodes 1-3) by Ryk Brown

On to the story. Like many books in this genre, it borrows ideas from Sci-fi fandom. After all, it is nearly impossible to think up anything new at the maturity level of Space Opera.

So insert -young officer gets thrust into command by extraordinary circumstances and ends up being bad ass — queue original story. The protagonist of the story is Nathan Scott, rich kid son of a politician. The antagonists are mostly the Jung, isolationist humans who are hell-bent on ruling the galaxy.

Download e-book Aurora: CV (The Frontiers Saga, Book 1)

Wait… I said queue original story! The Aurora is the first ship the fleet with an experimental jump drive and is sent out to test it for the first time. Before you fill up the comments about the originality, you should know that this kick ass method of faster than light FTL travel came from a data ark uncovered from a time when humans were more technologically advanced.

Sometime in the past humanity encountered a bio-digital plague which not only wiped out all technology but killed people because of their reliance on this technology. Earth and the Jung lost contact during this time along with possibly hundreds of other human-inhabited worlds.

UES - Aurora CV-01

Humanity saved as much stuff as they could and jammed it into a data ark. Back to the jump drive test… During the test, there are a series of mishaps that land Nathan in command and light years from earth in the Pentaurus Cluster. While in the Pentaurus Cluster Nathan and crew make some friends and some enemies. A 12 book series is a significant commitment.

The good news is the books are the perfect length. I would estimate about 8 hours of reading per book.

Ep.#1 - "Aurora: CV-01": The Frontiers Saga: Volume 1

Ryk Brown wrote these books to feel like a tv show. Each book has a well-defined story ark while contributing to the overall agenda of the series. Whether that was his intention or not, it works. Born in and raised on an overdose of television, NASA, and science fiction, Ryk Brown has worked as a cook, rock guitarist, stage lighting technician, and paramedic.

He currently resides in Northern California with his wife, daughter, and cat. By day he fixes computers, and by night he creates stories. Having spent his entire life "thinking stuff up", the advent of digital publishing has finally given him an excuse to write it all down and share it with others.

A long-time fan of all things science and space, his goal is to write and publish an on-going series of sci-fi adventures. A good rule of thumb is that series have a conventional name and are intentional creations , on the part of the author or publisher. For now, avoid forcing the issue with mere "lists" of works possessing an arbitrary shared characteristic, such as relating to a particular place. Avoid series that cross authors, unless the authors were or became aware of the series identification eg. Also avoid publisher series, unless the publisher has a true monopoly over the "works" in question.

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Ryk Brown For the Triumph of Evil Frontiers Saga Part 2 Rogue Castes Series Audiobook

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Series description. Taylor, Cameron. Nash, Jessica.

Ep.#1 - Aurora: CV-01 (The Frontiers Saga) Ep.#1 - Aurora: CV-01 (The Frontiers Saga)
Ep.#1 - Aurora: CV-01 (The Frontiers Saga) Ep.#1 - Aurora: CV-01 (The Frontiers Saga)
Ep.#1 - Aurora: CV-01 (The Frontiers Saga) Ep.#1 - Aurora: CV-01 (The Frontiers Saga)
Ep.#1 - Aurora: CV-01 (The Frontiers Saga) Ep.#1 - Aurora: CV-01 (The Frontiers Saga)
Ep.#1 - Aurora: CV-01 (The Frontiers Saga) Ep.#1 - Aurora: CV-01 (The Frontiers Saga)
Ep.#1 - Aurora: CV-01 (The Frontiers Saga) Ep.#1 - Aurora: CV-01 (The Frontiers Saga)
Ep.#1 - Aurora: CV-01 (The Frontiers Saga) Ep.#1 - Aurora: CV-01 (The Frontiers Saga)

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