Health Life Series MMQ to Chinese (Japanese Edition)

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Sometimes you want to stand out and be noticeable.

Other times, you want to scout your competition or train at another gym without drawing attention. I used to swear that certain colors made it harder to see punches. And then for pro fighters…you can in throw pink and neon colors. The rest are made in Mexico, Japan, Thailand, and even China. Back in the day, all companies did their own manufacturing. Most people quit boxing within 6 months if not less. I will do my best to share my thoughts on the gloves but the only way for you to REALLY know what works for you is to try it out yourself.

They spam me with emails every month offering to make gloves for super low prices. So yes, you can cut out the middleman and get it directly from the factory. I guess I should be grateful that they exist. They break down quickly under serious use. The padding is either too soft or too stiff, and the gloves tear open on the outside or inside. Without understanding the sport of boxing, Pakistan will never be able to innovate; they can only imitate at best.

Bruce Lee and the Art of Scientific Street Fighting - VICE

This is why professional fighters will usually avoid Pakistan-made gloves. I share many images and links of Pakistan gloves below. You should how to spot them! The highest quality ones from back in the days have their own unique design. Something that they came up with by themselves based on their own personal experience in the sport.

They want padding a certain way, shape a certain way, construction and support a certain way. And usually these templates are designed around maximizing profit, using inferior materials and decreasing labor times. These glove molds were the generic stuff sold in toy stores and martial arts warehouses years ago. They are pretty much the worst of the worst. And very sad to see even reputable brands using these models. Here we see a higher level of boxing glove manufacturer. Are you starting to see the patterns, yet?

Japanese Street Food Tour in Osaka, Japan - DEADLY PUFFERFISH Sashimi (FUGU) + Noodle Tour of Osaka!

And the eye-opening thing is that many household brands use them as well. Remember all the complaints that Everlast or Ringside are no longer as good as they used to be? Are these newer, better-looking models actually superior to the old models or are they essentially the same but with only an updated design? You have to email them to get prices depending on what model, customization, quality, and quantity that you want. Many offer complete customization if you go through them directly. I also only showed you the ones with a website!

Some look close to the real thing, others look obviously fake. Armed with this knowledge, you can better detect copycat brands and inferior models of boxing gloves.

Before you continue...

Ahhh, the beauty of the internet! You might even get laughed at in the gym for wearing these brands. They are definitely no better, but also sometimes no worse than the famous brands. Some of these companies are not even known as boxing companies. Many of them target the rapidly growing MMA market and usually give up after about a year of begging friends to try their gear. Century gear is typically found in toy stores and sporting good stores. I tried their gloves 10 years ago and it hurt like hell to punch with them even when they were new.

I remember them looking like plastic. The stitching, the strap, the leather. They have several shops in Southern California that sell all kinds of fight gear. PBS, manufacturers their own stuff in their factories in Pakistan. I absolutely hate dealing with them and their products. Shopping at their store in person was a frustrating experience. Just FYI, they never have prices on anything on the store because they change them depending on how gullible you look.

You can read online for more complaints about their products and the way they do business. Single-stitching all around for the most part and the 3-cuff design looks poorly stitched. Yes, I got to try it in their store when I was picking up handwraps. Oh yeah, I tried it just to see. Entirely different shape, padding, and feel. The only effort they made was to copy the Casanova logo.

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An insult to even cheap Pakistan gloves. The gloves feel like total shit. Really cheap lining. The padding gives you no protection whatsoever, you can punch right through them. Want to know if a new company out there is any good? Simply compare their designs to the popular design molds out there. Except that argument goes out the window when you see many other boxing gear companies all copying the same glove molds.

The good news is the name brands have clearance sales often. Anyway, these gloves are ok for temporary training but you should upgrade as soon as you can. The brand became the joke of the sport. The saddest part is that Everlast used to be known for making quality products; an American badge of quality. The gloves that fighters won championships with. The gloves your grandfather was proud to own. They expected the best from Everlast but their products failed to deliver.

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Their competition headgear was one of my favorites and their competition gloves also seemed to be good although not meant for regular training. For now, just avoid buying anything from Everlast. Awful quality, terrible padding, and toxic chemical smell used in the dye color. But nope, the Protex model sucks. Ringside was the quality American boxing brand when I started boxing in And anybody NOT wearing Ringside was probably wearing Title who made cheaper, but still functional gear. The new gloves were a total letdown and they lost their fanbase almost overnight.

Their new gloves are overpriced pieces of junk!

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  4. Ringside has since been reduced to nothing more than a generic company. I promise you, the velcro will tear apart that mesh in no time. They were a classic favorite despite the annoying elastic that you had to peel back to shove your hands in.

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    Every gym had at least a few pairs of these. The thinner strap also provides less wrist support, by the way. I think the faux-vintage design makes it look cheap. Except only, no pro would ever buy this. When I first started boxing, Title was this online store that sold a ton of boxing gear from many brands at reasonable prices.

    Health Life Series MMQ to Chinese (Japanese Edition)
    Health Life Series MMQ to Chinese (Japanese Edition)
    Health Life Series MMQ to Chinese (Japanese Edition)
    Health Life Series MMQ to Chinese (Japanese Edition)
    Health Life Series MMQ to Chinese (Japanese Edition)
    Health Life Series MMQ to Chinese (Japanese Edition)
    Health Life Series MMQ to Chinese (Japanese Edition)

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