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The tendency to join two-word expressions together seems especially strong in the US. It's standard practice to write underway, anymore, or someday as one word in American English, for example, whereas the two-word forms are still the norm in British English:. There's one notable exception to this: you're much more likely to see the one-word form thankyou in British English rather than in American English. This doesn't make it an acceptable spelling at the moment, though the situation may eventually change. Is it one word or two? It's standard practice to write underway, anymore, or someday as one word in American English, for example, whereas the two-word forms are still the norm in British English: US English British English Plans for next year's project are already underway.

By October, the work was well under way.

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I know someday my whole family will be together. I would love to return to Australia some day. The first thing you can do is spend weeks in brainstorming sessions with your team. Unfortunately, that often leads to frustration when you find out that almost every word you can think of has already been taken.

The other solution is to go back to running your business and leave the naming to the experts. At Fabrik, we specialise in creating unique, engaging and inspiring business names. Many of the titles that we offer are one-word, with a guaranteed. When we create one word business names, we focus on:. Unfortunately, words have different connotations depending on where you are in the world, and what kind of customer you serve. Instead of taking risks with pre-established words, Fabrik creates business names from scratch, using evocative sounds and language.

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This means that you can allude to specific meanings with your name, without taking unnecessary risks. Many cool one word business names thrive because they create positive feelings in their audiences.

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When we create one word brand names to sell to our clients, we make sure that they only create positive feelings in your customer. It also means that we choose words with real emotional impact.

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These are the terms that will speak to your audience, and take on their own, dynamic meaning over time. Usually, that starts with choosing a name that your audience and your employees can get behind. Unfortunately, choosing a great name is often easier said than done. Finding a title today means knowing how to filter through all the trademarked and taken terms, to discover something unique.

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Here at Fabrik, we use a combination of consumer psychology, creative knowledge, and technical expertise to create titles that appeal to a specific industry or niche. Chill out and hand the stress over to the team here at Fabrik. In return, we promise not to sell or rent your details, or send you junk! First name. Last name. Job title. Please leave this field empty. Call 0 20 Mail mail fabrikbrands. Tips for choosing one word business names for stylish brands August 30, Branding By Steve Harvey. Our aim is simply to make your marketing activities as enjoyable and effective as possible.

Be the first to receive your regular dose of Brand Fabrik. Recent posts How to do keyword research the easy way: Your step by step guide What is a microsite, and will it really benefit your brand? How to write a press release: Your guide to working with the media Green brands: Eco friendly companies to learn from What is keyword research? The key to unlocking your SEO Articles by category Branding Digital Marketing Naming. Recent projects Revonic naming —.

View case study. Fabrik has created a new name and identity for a leading digital experience agency based in Dubai. Formerly Indivirtual, now Revonic. Revonic naming.

It looks like Merriam-Webster is trolling the impeachment drama, one word at a time

Athora naming —. Fabrik created the name for this Bermuda-based insurance and reinsurance group, established to be the leading specialist solutions provider for the European insurance market. Athora naming. Revonic branding —. A leading digital experience agency with headquarters in Dubai commissioned Fabrik, a leading branding specialist, to re-define its purpose and create a brand strategy, new name and visual identity. Revonic branding. ChartCo OneOcean —. ChartCo is a global leader in digital navigation services and voyage compliance.

Fabrik created the name for its new e-navigation and compliance platform. ChartCo OneOcean. Bier Brothers identity —. A sophisticated logo mark and visual identity to represent a bold new venture bringing overseas retailers to the UK high street. Bier Brothers identity. Legal and General's ambitions for its new Homes division had literally gone through the roof, and naturally, was in need of a website to match.

Fabrik delivered… right to their door. Lumeon branding —. Brand strategy and company naming lead to an illuminating visual identity for an exciting, young tech-company.

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Lumeon branding. The RCoP —. Fabrik created a campaign to stimulate interest in psychiatry as a profession, delivered through an emotive, short film. The RCoP. City University —. Fabrik has created an engaging student campaign for City University that extends beyond the traditional welcome pack. City University.

The challenge of creating something with standout According to The Guardian , the right name generates unique business opportunities, by providing organisations with an impressive and catchy identity. Other characteristics of great one word names include: They engage your audience An appealing business name elevates your brand identity with intrigue and whimsy.

Catchy one word business names are intelligent Often, catchy one word business names have an impact on us because they cause us to think differently about something, or visualise a concept. The long and short of powerful one word business names At this point, you know that powerful one word business names should be smart, meaningful, unique and engaging. Here are some of the reasons why you should always stick to a single word: The best one word business names are memorable: What good is a fantastic company name if no-one can remember it?

Here are some tips for how you can choose a title with style.

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While looking at user personas , ask yourself: What does this name make me feel? When we create one word business names, we focus on: 1. About the author Steve Harvey Client Director. Captain of calm. Armchair football fan.

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